Wednesday, March 28, 2012

An Up Side to Fermenting

March 17, 2012--Post delayed due to security concerns

We were in our normal home for only a short time this week and were preparing to leave again first thing in the morning for an extended absence when all of a sudden it occurred to me that I had misplaced something important.  My toddler is on a food strike, so my husband had given her a bottle in the hopes of settling her blood sugar and restoring peace to the house.

As the day neared an end, we realized that the bottle had disappeared without a trace.  Thoughts of rancid milk clouded our thinking as we searched, to no avail.  At first, it appeared that we would be able to locate it by its smell when we returned at the end of the month.  Then my husband remembered that he had put just a spoonful of kefir in with the milk.

'It won't stink too badly,' we decided, and we headed for bed.

This morning we rushed through some last-minute details and loaded the car.  The last thing that we did was to go on light patrol, shutting down and unplugging everything non-essential.  Next to the last light receptacle my husband found the errant bottle.  It had been lost in the clutter of a dirty toy room.  It was filled with curds and whey and was no worse for the wear. 

I've found missing bottles before at the church nursery.  Whether filled with milk or with formula, it never ends well.  So I wholeheartedly say, thank God for fermenting.

Many thanks to my hostesses at Simple Lives Thursday, Freaky Friday, and Monday Mania for allowing me to share.

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